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About Me

About Denise

If you work as a therapist long enough, you’ll hear numerous clients tell you cringe-worthy stories of former counseling experiences. The two things I hate to hear the most are: “I felt judged by my therapist,” and, “I didn’t get much out of therapy… they just kind of listened.”

People describe me as “caring” and “direct”— and I take both as high compliments

Originally from New York, I’m a no-BS kind of person. I create a safe space for my clients to share their stories, and then we work together to get into action.

While I will always be warm and compassionate, I’m also committed to telling it like it is — which is a key element that’s often missing from the process with therapists who stay in the “neutral, blank slate” of old-school training.

I also honor that YOU are the expert in your life.

Though there are many common themes that show up in my office, everyone’s life and circumstances are unique. I may have a Master’s degree and a slew of trainings under my belt, but I will never claim to know your life better than you or tell you what to do. Together, we can explore options and possibilities, and help break through what’s getting in your way of the path you want to take.

I strongly believe that people are more powerful than they think they are— and it’s never too late to change course.

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