Online Therapy for Women in Texas

Phone : (469) 828-6120


I do not accept insurance. I will provide you with a  superbill after each session for you to submit to your insurance company. Please call your insurance company in advance and ask what their reimbursement rate is for out of network. 

We’ll begin with a free consultation call  to determine whether we’re a good fit to work together. On the call, I’ll ask more about the challenges you’re currently facing and what your goals are for therapy, and you can ask me any questions you have for me about how I work or any of the logistics.

Once we schedule our initial appointment, I’ll send you an invitation to my secure online client portal, where you can complete new client paperwork prior beforehand. In the first session, we’ll dive more deeply into your goals, and start to explore past and present factors that are influencing you or keeping you stuck.

The duration of therapy is highly individualized. My goal is to empower you to be your own best advocate and gain the skills and healing you need to succeed without me.

Depending on each person's unique situation, some clients may come to therapy for just a few months to learn some coping skills and process an event; others choose to maintain a longer term therapeutic relationship. I typically recommend starting weekly or biweekly,  but often once you start seeing progress toward your goals, we can decrease the frequency of sessions.

My clinical license limits me to offering therapy to clients who are residents of Texas. If you are located outside of Texas, please head to my coaching page: I have coaching sessions and  programs for clients who have a partner who is an alcoholic or addict. Contact me for the differences between coaching and therapy. I also provide coaching for clients who are in a relationship with a narcissist and are anywhere on the timeline from considering separation to post divorce.

Any Question?

Whether you’re new to therapy or just new to me, this page will help answer some of your questions.  Want to know about something that’s not mentioned here?